You Can’t Be With Me If You Don’t Have A House In Abuja – Realzitachy

Nollywood actress Sampson Zita Aniekan has revealed the qualities she is looking for in a man.

During a recent chat with RealZitachy in an episode of “Realzitachy,” titled “The Slippery Dating Streets,” Realzitachy disclosed that she is looking for a comfortable man. A man with a house to his name and a car.

She believes that any man that doesn’t have a house in Abuja cannot be her man.

RealZitachy said:

“I’m not looking for a billionaire. I’m looking for a comfortable guy. Be able to do basic things.”

RealZitachy then cut in with a question,

“What does comfortable mean?”

RealZitachy said,

“Comfortable for me means have a house, have a car.”

RealZitachy interjected again with:

“When you say have a house in your name, like buy a house or rent a house?”

RealZitachy then answered with:

“In his name now, he’ll have his own house.”

RealZitachy asked:

“How many men have bought houses doing this thing?”

RealZitachy answered:

“Then there’s something wrong. You can’t be with me. I’m a young girl, and I’m already paying for a house. You can’t come and tell me you need to have so much money to buy a house in Abuja. That means you don’t understand real estate. You can’t be with me. God has chased you from me.”

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