“Yansh Is Not An Achievement, But It Can Help You Get Anything” – Blessing CEO Says

Blessing CEO has exhibited her enhanced posterior in a series of new photographs that she posted on her Instagram profile.


The relationship blogger expressed her perspective, noting that while possessing a curvier derrière is not a measure of success, it can be advantageous in acquiring one’s desires.


She made the statement on her page and wrote:

Yansh is not an achievement or confidence. But it’s an attraction to getting anything you want if you have brains. Forget the noise men love yansh, smart women will use it to attract them and get anything from them. Remember what they say they want in public is not what they want in private. Have yansh but have sense and everything will work together for your good. Women is ok to have yansh but don’t put pressure on yourself, just make money and every other thing shall be added on to you. Forget men they are just noise makers in public, in private yansh humble them.

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