Who Really Killed Mohbad? – See The 5 People Linked To His Death (The Story Is Really Confusing)

One thing about Mohbad’s death is the confusion that comes with it, Imole must have really gone through a lot before his death.
I just hope he finds Peace and Light in his grave!

I’ve seen a lot of videos, I’ve heard a lot of voice notes, read texts and everything is just connecting different people of different relationships to Mohbad to his death.

But why is the Nigga (Mohbad) really that wanted Dead? How much him get? What information does he know? – All these questions have been troubling my head since his demise.

However, in this article, we will be analyzing the 5 people that have been linked to the death of Mohbad, and how they’ve been linked to it.

1. Sam Larry
The main alleged person for the death of Mohbad is Samson Erinfolami Eletu, popularly known as Sam Larry.

How was Sam Larry linked to Mohbad’s Death?
Even without a physical connection to the death of Mohbad, according to information, Sam Larry was not in Nigeria when Mohbad died, but he’s still the main suspect in his death.

Who is Sam Larry? Sam Larry is a well-known Egbon Adugbo popular amongst the Lagos Island, and Eti-Osa area of Lagos state, and he gained Prominence due to his affiliation with Naira Marley during his EFCC saga.

“Sam Larry ti settle e” was the phrase that made Sam Larry gain ground, as many young people started seeing him as a Messiah in case of any issues arising.

On several occasions, Sam Larry was seen bullying Mohbad, and many people believed that it was due to Mohbad’s exit from Marlian Records, but maybe there’s more to it, we don’t know.

Mohbad even sometimes back, petitioned Sam Larry to AIG of police after several beatings and threats against his life.

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2. Naira Marley
Naira Marley was Mohbad’s former Boss in Marlian Music, in the early days of Mohbad’s exit from Marlian Music, he made a series of Live videos on Instagram informing the public that if he died, that Naira Marley and Marlian Music should be held responsible.

Now he’s dead, and his fans are accusing Naira Marley of being involved in his death, due to the loads of information he knows, and Naira Marley doesn’t want it to be let out.

Instagram blogger, Gistlover has even raised a petition for the “Banning Of Marlian Music” cause Oba (Owner of Gistlover) believed that the record label runs a drug trafficking cartel, apart from Music, which Mohbad does not want to be involved in, hence the killing.

Even without a physical representation of Naira Marley around where Mohbad was sentenced dead, the Imole fans believed Naira Marley went diabolical with him to take his life.

3. Primeboy (Mohbad Bestfriend)
Mohbad’s best friend, Ibrahim popularly called “Prime Boy” has been accused by Mohbad’s wife and other fans that his friend allegedly hit him with “Juju” at a show in Ikorodu.

However, the friend, Primeboy has come out to debunk the allegation saying Mohbad was his best friend, and he wouldn’t have wished him dead talkless of hitting him with Juju for him to die.

He mentioned that Mohbad was high and he was trying to calm him down, and the wife was there during the whole process.

Although the wife told Oba of Gistlover that there was an altercation between Mohbad and his best friend, that the guy (Primeboy) frustrated Mohbad until Mohbad had to throw a punch at his friend.

4. Mohbad’s Wife
Family members accused Mohbad’s Wife Of Killing Their Son due to a Land issue that happened between the Wife and Mohbad.

A video also surfaced online that shows an argument moment between Mohbad and his wife, where Mohbad was saying “Kill me” to his wife for a reason not known to anyone as of now.

But a story about Mohbad’s family warning Mohbad about his wife was also heard, and they believed he died cause he didn’t heed their warning to stay away from his wife and her family.

5. Mohbad’s Father
According to to hearsay, some people believe that Mohbad’s father is also not completely clean in this whole Mohbad’s death, cause think Naira Marley might have bought him over to his side against his son.

The question about Mohbad’s early burial is what people are using to link the father to the whole death issue, cause they think if something is not fishy, why the rush to bury him, even despite the fact that they are not Muslim

The Police PRO Benjamin Hundeyin made it known that Mohbad’s body might be exhumed from the grave if need be, and immediately a video surfaced online where Mohbad’s Grave was been covered with Cement as requested by the Father.

Netizens have also questioned the need to cover the grave with cement, and they think the father is hiding evidence.

Guys! Just as the way you’re probably thinking that this case is very scattered, that was exactly my own thinking too when I heard different stories from different sources on social media.

I really just hope the nigga finds peace and light in his grave just as his name implies “IMOLE 💡“.

So Guys 👇

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