September 22, 2023


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[VibesViews] A Brief Interview with Rex D1 About his forte coming Single – Adura

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A Brief Interview with Rex D1 About his forte coming Single

Adura means prayers, first of all, the beat was given to me by Noble smith, is he also a singer and my Boss in the industry, he was like Rex feel this beat from silent killer, but I don’t have anything to sing for now, we played over it and I told him to leave the beat with me, that very night, I was with Ballzee in the room, playing the beat and ballzee was vibing on the beat, I over heard his melody, so I started writing the chorus(hahahahahahaha)

the next morning Ballzee was like my chorus, and I was like my beat, so I wrote the first verse and the chorus, I took the song write up to Nigeria and recorded the song at Celebrity studio in Benin city. Noble smith, Naro, Big man Rex, SUGAR QUEEN, and ballzee with live in the studio with me when I was doing the recording! After the song, I felt like Graham need to do a little back up on the chorus, which gave the song another melodious rhythm. The song was mixed and mastered by wicked mix in Uyo state(Nigeria) So the song was written in Ghana, voiced in Benin City, mixed and mastered in Uyo state. OYBN was like wow! This is another Hit Son!

The song Adura is a song for hope, talking about people who neglect you, pretending to help you, but actually killing you behind, but at last, God will help you and u will Enjoy on your own, Listen to the message am passing true this Song ADURA(prayer)
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