September 22, 2023


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Upcoming Artistes!! You Don’t Need A Record Label Or Deal To Make Money This 2019

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Our upcoming artistes are all guilty of this attitude. After garnering money up for producing a nice song, the problem of putting such efforts in getting funds to promote the song goes down.⁣
What does it profit an artiste who recorded a nice track but ended up promoting it poorly or not promoting it in the right place?⁣
From my 9 years experience, I have seen a bad song blow because of adequate promotion and good song dies because it was not promoted well.⁣
Imagine yourself as an artiste, after recording a nice track in the studio then you feel the next thing is to be looking for cheap Blogs for promotion? You are indirectly killing yourself and wasting your time.⁣
It’s a known fact that Blogs plays a huge role in promoting artistes these days, but whatever is what doing is worth doing well. Don’t forget the fact that no matter how good a song is, it needs a massive audience to listen and glorify the song to the outer world.⁣
Most of these artistes run from well notable websites and opt in for sites with few users just because they do not want to spend money.⁣
In the long run, those that will download your songs are only the ones that you broadcast the links to. As a result, no new fans for you.⁣
Work hard to promote your songs on notable website and blogs, there are certain websites that has the authority already in promoting music artistes. ⁣⁣
If looking for cheap blogs with less traffic is what you want to continue doing in 2019, If you blow, na your cooking gas explode.⁣
Let’s work together this 2019 so it doesn’t waste away like previous years 💥💥💥💥💥


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