The Money Was Becoming Too Much For Me, I Just Had To Sign Up Artistes” – Olamide Baddo

In a candid admission, Olamide Baddo opens up about his decision to expand his scope in the music industry by signing up and supporting other artists.

The artist, renowned for his musical prowess, reflects on how the increasing wealth he amassed led him to take the path of nurturing and promoting emerging talents.

Olamide’s revelation highlights the transition from personal success to a broader vision of contributing to the growth of the music industry. As his financial status grew, he recognized the potential to create opportunities for others, fostering a sense of community and mentorship.

The move to sign artists reflects Olamide’s commitment to not only securing his own success but also uplifting and guiding fellow talents. This approach not only benefits the artists he signs but also contributes to the industry’s overall vibrancy and diversity.

Watch the interview below:-

Olamide’s evolution from being solely an artist to becoming a mentor and label owner underscores the multifaceted nature of his impact. As he continues to build a legacy that extends beyond his personal achievements, his efforts to empower others position him as an influential figure in the Nigerian music landscape.

Ultimately, Olamide Baddo’s decision to sign artists speaks to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and the desire to give back to an industry that has provided him with immense success. His journey from artist to mentor showcases the growth and transformation that can occur when talent, opportunity, and a commitment to supporting others intersect.

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