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Get To Know SpartGee

In a recent Q&A with TOPVIBES, Nigerian Talented Producer/Singer, Spartgee takes us on a journey through his career so far, where he draws his inspiration from, his plans, among others.

Though he vehemently stated that he has no long-term goal yet, he still believes he has a spot in the Nigerian music industry.


TOPVIBES: Who is SpartGeeTunez?

Spartgee: George Obayuwana (born in the 199’S), known as SpartGeeTunez, is a Nigerian Singer, songwriter, record producer.


TOPVIBES: How long have you been doing music professionally?

Spartgee: Well 10 years and counting but professionally 5 years now.


TOPVIBES: Do you think/feel you’ve got a place in the Nigerian music industry?

Spartgee: If every aircraft can fly in the sky on a daily basis and land safely without crashing into each other then i certainly have a place in the music industry


TOPVIBES: Why Music for you?

Spartgee: I’ve got a God given talent that can’t go to waste. I have to maximize my potentials i believe.

TOPVIBES: What else would you have done outside music?

SpartgeeTunez: Am a well known music producer nothing ex from music


TOPVIBES: The Nigerian music space is very clouded at the moment, seems everyone is trying to get a spot, what makes you different?

Spartgee: My personality and my kind of music.


TOPVIBES: What/who inspires you?

Spartgee: Eventualities and basically anything can inspire me at any point in time.


TOPVIBES: What are the plans for your music 2020?

Spartgee: Release good songs, make more songs and release a body of work.


TOPVIBES: Your currently released single “One Time” is currently buzzing, how to you plan on maintaining the tempo?

SpartgeeTunez: If i tell you i have anything figured out right now, i’ll be the greatest liar on earth. i just want to make good music and increase the fan base.


TOPVIBES: Who are your industry icons and artistes you wanna work with?

Spartgee: At the moment, i respect Drake a whole lot for his recent project, Asa basically inspires me to work more. Sarkodie would also be on my list and a host of others.

For the artistes i would love to work with, a Burna boy or a Davido would really be great!


TOPVIBES: If you had the powers, what would you change about the Nigeria music space?

Spartgee: The Structure of the industry in general, would make it more like the international scene, that way a lot of artistes get to break out and also get to earn a living.


TOPVIBES: What are your longterm plans and how would you impact the industry?

Spartgee: Like i said i don’t have anything figured out, i just want to make good music and increase the fan base. As for impacting in the industry, time will tell.


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