SARS Beat Up Man And His Family, Break His Door Cause He’s Uses An iPhone (


A man identified as Wisdom Obi Eze has narrated his encounter with some SARS officers who broke into his house and assaulted him just because he was using an iPhone in Suleja, Niger State.

Eze said the first encounter happened on Monday, May, at about 9pm in the night, when the officials broke into his house because he uses an iPhone and they asked him to pay the sum of N500,000 before they can let him go.

According to him, he could not afford the money, so he had to tell the officers that he will return his phone to were he bought it from so that he could get a refund and use it to settle them.

He said, to his dismay, they agreed and he was locked up in the police cell for the night in A’ division in suleja.

“The next morning by exactly 7am, the SARS officers brought me out of the cell so I could contact the store where I bought the phone so I could inform them that I was coming to get back my money which I did.

“A few minutes later my parents informed the SARS officers that they were coming with a lawyer and they should sell my phone.

“The officers panicked and were all trying to avoid involving a lawyer. When the lawyer arrived the officers pleaded and I was released before noon.

“At the early hours of this morning at about 1am, a couple of armed men came to my house and were trying to arrest me again, this time they didn’t claim to be SARS officers all they said was that they were from Abuja with no ID card or arrest warrant insisting that I must be arrested and when my parents refused, they broke the door and started beating my entire family.

“I refused to go with them so it ended in a lot of beating and they handcuffed one of my hands and I refused letting them handcuff both hands

“It was a horrifying experience. We called the police station and the SARS officers from the previous setup and they came and identified those men as officers but they didn’t say if they were from the police or SARS or any other paramilitary.

“I managed to escape with one of the handcuff. They all left around 4am. I really don’t know where to turn too because the system is corrupt and it needs to be fixed.”

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