Reason I Vowed To Never Ever Be Late Again – Kate Henshaw

If there is one thing to know about Kate Henshaw and the Nigerian movie industry, it is that Kate Henshaw is never late.

Even if production runs late or other cast or crew members arrive late, one person who you can always expect to be on time is none other than our very own Aunty Kate.

But why is this? Why is Kate Henshaw always so early? Of course it is easy for one to just chuck it up to “oh, it’s just always good to be on time” and that is true but that is not the only reason for Kate Henshaw. For Kate Henshaw, something happened and there is a bigger story to it. During her appearance on Inkblot’s Meet and Greet, Kate Henshaw finally shared the story of why she vowed to never be late again. Here’s what she said.

Speaking on the Meet & Greet podcast, Kate Henshaw narrated the story of why she vowed to never be late again saying:

As I was working at Ikeja A Plant, a friend of mine who worked in Coca-Cola sent me a card saying “Shey you’re an actress? Your people are doing movie award,” it was held at the Glover Memorial Hall, 1996. So I went. I was seated beside Ramsey (Nouah), Opa (Williams), and other people. We were just gisting gisting and it was Obesere who had gone up to announce my category. They didn’t even tell me I was nominated. So they announce “Best Upcoming Actress Nominees are”, and he calls my name in a funny way like Henshwow which that’s not my name so I was still gisting with Ramsey. He kept saying Kate Henshwow, Kate Henshwow. Ramsey just tapped me “Kate, Kate, it’s you!” I was like “Where? How?” I started shaking, crying. I still remember wearing my polka-dot dress and going to receive it. I was shaking, I had come back to my seat.

Then Opa Williams came to me and said “I have a movie I want to shoot. I need you in my office tomorrow by 8am, but I’ve told another actress to come” and I found out later that it was Uche Osotule. He said “anybody who comes first will get the role.”

So, he said 8, I got there 8:15, she was there at 8. That was how I lost out and I vowed that day never ever in my life to be late for anything again.

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