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In a recent Q&A with TOPVIBES, Nigerian Talented Singer, “Ramsy Young” takes us on a journey through his career so far, where he draws his inspiration from, his plans, among others.

Though he vehemently stated that he has no long-term goal yet, he still believes he has a spot in the Nigerian music industry.


TOPVIBES: How long have you been doing music professionally?

Ramsy Young: Have been doing music professionally for the past 4 years now.

TOPVIBES: Do you think/feel you’ve got a place in the Nigerian music industry

Ramsy Young: Seriously speaking am still fighting hard to earn my place in the Nigeria music industry.

TOPVIBES: Why Music for you?

Ramsy Young: Because the world need to hear my message, I need to encourage and give hope to people through my music and above all music is my calling.

TOPVIBES: What else would you have done outside music?

Ramsy Young: Am a certified street mechanical engineer And a bartender.

TOPVIBES: The Nigerian music space is very clouded at the moment, seems everyone is trying to get a spot, what makes you different?

Ramsy Young: I totally agree with you on that, and what actually makes me different are my sounds, my flows and my vibes.

TOPVIBES: What/who inspires you?

Ramsy Young: What actually inspired me are the things around me, what I see, feel, heard are what i put together to create my music.

TOPVIBES: What are the plans for your music 2021?

Ramsy Young: Am actually working so very hard for my 6 tracks Ep project, trust me am coming so hard on this.

TOPVIBES: Your currently released single “No Replacement” is currently buzzing, how do you plan on maintaining the tempo?

Ramsy Young: Maintaining the tempo is actually what I love doing best and my daily activities towards the released is actually what explained that.

TOPVIBES: Who are your industry icons and artistes you wanna work with?

Ramsy Young: For the now am the best icon I can seeing around me, and I don’t plan working with any because am seriously working so hard on myself so they’re the ones that need to come work with me, cos my blood, energy and vibes are still very hot and fresh.. Infact ama hot cake.

TOPVIBES: If you had the powers, what would you change about the Nigeria music space?

Ramsy Young: To give space for the young coming ones to show case themselves and create as many platforms as possible for that.

TOPVIBES: What are your longterm plans and how would you impact the industry?

Ramsy Young: My long term plans are just too large oh, the visions “nor get mate abeg”, and when that time reach even the industry will understand that Ama icon with a different vision. And my impact will actually affect the lives of all other young stars positively.

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