On This Day 25 Years Ago, Afrobeat Legend Fela Passed On

Today, 25 years ago, one of the greatest musicians in history, Fela Kuti, passed on.

He was beyond a musician; Fela was a freedom fighter, a human rights activist, pan-Africanist, prophet & many more.

He is regarded as the pioneer of Afrobeat, an African music genre that combines West African music with American funk and jazz.

At the height of his popularity, he was referred to as one of Africa’s most “challenging and charismatic music performers”.

AllMusic described him as a musical and sociopolitical voice of international significance.

Fela Kuti is the most persecuted musician in history. He was arrested over 200 times and made to appear in court 356 times for mostly criticising the corrupt activities of the Nigerian military regime.

On 3 August 1997, Kuti’s brother Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, a prominent AIDS activist and former Minister of Health, announced that Kuti had died on the previous day from complications related to AIDS.

Kuti had been an AIDS denialist, and his widow maintained that he did not die of AIDS.

Rest on, Abami Eda. Your legacy leaves on❤🙏🏿

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