“Most Men Think A Wife Material Is A Woman Who Loves Broke Guys” – Blessing Okoro || See Video

Relationship therapist, Okori Blessing  has taken a swipe at men who think that women who love r date broke men are wife materials.

In a recent video shared, Blessing Okoro noted that men have nothing to offer women in a relationship apart from money.

According to her, a man who cannot afford to spend on his woman is a good as useless.

The mother of 2 maintained that God has made men providers, which is their sole responsibility.

Blessing pointed out that they cannot do much for women because it is women who are made to multitask.

In her words;

“If a man does not give you money what will he be doing with you, absolutely nothing. he’ll just be draining.

When a man isn’t giving you money he’s going to be wasting your time, because there nothing a man can give a woman apart from money.

Men are providers, that is how God has built them, provision is a sense of responsibility for men. Men cannot do so much for a woman, its a woman that is built to multi-task.

His job is to provide for you, it gives a man a sense of happiness and excitement to provide for his woman.


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