Meet “Marvimond” Your New Favorite Artist

Get To Know Marvimond

In a recent Q&A with TOPVIBES, Nigerian Talented Producer/Singer, Marvimond takes us on a journey through his career so far, where he draws his inspiration from, his plans, among others.

Though he vehemently stated that he has no long-term goal yet, he still believes he has a spot in the Nigerian music industry.


1. Who is Marvimond?

Marvimond is an recording artist, Who has a story to tell through his music


2. How did music start for you? and what made you want to become a

Marvimond: Music has always been part of me without me knowing. When I was little I used to sing and tell my friends that I’m going to be a musician and the were all laughing. I started doing music after meeting with a friend who is an artist. And we freestyle together He later told me that I have the capacity of a musician and he encourage me


3. Who is your role model and why?

Marvimond: Jay Z The way he writes and create music

6. Describe your creative process, how did you get your inspiration and how do you make your music?

Marvimond: I’m inspired by people, culture and hardship and most importantly I’m inspired by street, I tried to create something from each and everything I saw or feel. Music is the way of telling people the truth and the pain you going through or what is going on in the community

5. when did you record your first music?

Marvimond: I started music professional 2016

6. Lets dig into you discography, how many projects do you have so far?

Marvimond: I have more than ten projects and I’m just getting started. I have only released 3 and there are many more to come and I hope you all ready for me

7. What’s The best song you have released so far?

Marvimond: One of my best project so far is Big dawg and more are coming


8. If you don’t become a musician, what would you be doing now?

Marvimond: I’ll be doing Business


9. Which musician would you like to collaborate with?

Marvimond: Jay z, burna boy, olamide, lil baby, wizkid meek mill and anyone who wants to work with me

10. Are you signed or independent?

Marvimond: I’m an Independent artist


11. What are the challenges you have faced as an artiste?

Marvimond: Be coming an artist is not that easy, especially when you are an independent artist and you have to pay for everything from your own pocket
And you have to be the one doing everything by yourself


12. Your advice for upcoming artists

Marvimond: Believe in yourself and always thinking about something new and be creative


13. Share with us your most embarrassing moment as a musician

Marvimond: After taking someone out for a date and my card was declined and there was no cash with me and I have to ask her to pay and I will gave her back, it was really embarrassing


14. What accomplishment, do you have yourself accomplishing in the next

Marvimond: In few years from now I will be among the greatest rapper of all time

15. do you have any hobbies or interest outside of music

Marvimond: Apart from music I’m a business man and I like traveling


16. So wat should we be expecting soon from you ?

Marvimond: My album is coming soon and a new me is about to be born


17. if you have one message to give to your fans what would it be ?

Marvimond: Never let anyone to tell you that you can. Believe in yourself, work hard and let the success talks

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