M.I Abaga – 6AM In Accra (Lyrics)

M.I Abaga has released a compelling freestyle track titled, “6am In Accra”.

Enjoy the Lyrics of ‘6am In Accra‘ by M.I Abaga


Calm down your mind
You don’t really want that thing you say you asking so
Truth… truthfully

Like 6am in Accra
Bad thing in my ear like asking me like MI how far
How come still no nigga been hotter
Still giving boys that ta ta
Shawty fuck me gon’ be like bonanza
My girl gon kill us quicker can cancer
So I dribble that thing like Saka
Minimum stress no gra gra
Been star from time like raddler, been fresh from time like aqua
Yo gimme no stress just gimme some gangja
These nigga don’t matter, but we, we still on the matter
God damn you nigga love drama on my mama
Oh God, now I gotta be a big ass like girls in Ghana

You never been a big factor, shut up,
Yo I got receipts and back ups
Yo man has been eating, stacked up
Yo what are we even talking bout, stop, it doesn’t even matter
Yo you lot are speaking blah blah
Yo dribble that thing like Saka, wo uh talk cheap ba na son banza
Minimum stress no gra gra,
If you gon stress me we can’t connect b, you need to get you wifi

6am in Accra
Yo I aint gon’ say this whole shit again, you heard it all first stanza
Yo later that night another bad thing was giving me banter
She like MI just do me bonanza
My girl gon kill you deader than cancer
Dribble that thing like Saka
Minimum stress no gra gra
Been star from time like raddler
Been fresh from time like aqua
Yo Afropolitan, M, Atlanta…
We coming!

End Of The Lyrics of 6AM In Accra

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