Lawyers Angry, Walks Out of Hall as Portable Performs at NBA Conference, Climbs Pole

Portable, a popular street-hop musician, is making headlines on the internet once again as he performs at the NBA conference at Abuja on Thursday.

The musician performed during the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) annual general conference, which is now taking place at the MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja.

Portable, who was shirtless during his performance, astonished the audience by climbing one of the massive poles installed at the conference area.

Videos of the incident went viral on the internet, showing lawyers watching on in disbelief and screaming in fear, but Portable ignored their cries.

The lawyers, who had waited patiently for the program to begin, were taken aback when Portable was announced as the musician of the night.

Some of the lawyers were left disappointed with his performance and walked out of the conference in protest.

Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the choice of Portable as a special guest artist at such a highly respected event.

On the other hand, some lawyers chose to remain and witness the performance by the contentious artist.

Watch his performance in the video below:

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