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“I Started Making Music Because I Didn’t Have Friends” – Tems

Temilade Openiyi, popularly known as Tems, a prominent Nigerian artist, shared that she initially ventured into music due to a lack of companionship.
She further expressed that her music is crafted for individuals undergoing similar experiences as hers, as well as those who can resonate with it.

The 28-year-old Grammy winner asserted that she views herself as unparalleled in her craft, and her primary competition lies within her own artistic evolution.

During an interview on Hot 97 FM in New York, Tems emphasized that she is committed to putting out songs even if they reach an audience of none.

She said:

“I’m competitive within myself but I’m not competitive with other artists. Nobody can compete with me.

“I’m original. I have had children. But also, I’m just all about being true to myself. My music is for people that relate to it. So my music is coming from me. And my music is my outlet.

“I started making music because I didn’t have friends. I heard something to say and I didn’t have anyone to say it to. So, I would just sing it. I will write it in a song and record it on my phone. I was doing that for years.

“So, music is my outlet. Whether anybody listens to it or not, I’ve to release it. Whether it does or not, it’s none of my business. But I need to release it. And it’s for the people that can connect with it and are going through the same thing.”

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