I Spend More Than 100 Million A Year If I Sign A New Artiste” – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy, the renowned Nigerian music producer and founder of Mavin Records, recently made a revealing statement about his financial commitment to nurturing and promoting new artists.

In an interview with Fisayo Fosudo, Don Jazzy-disclosed that he spends more than 100 million Naira (approximately $245,000) each year if he decides to sign a new artist to his record label.

The statement highlights Don Jazzy’s dedication to supporting emerging talents and investing in their careers. It showcases his belief in the power of mentorship and the importance of providing resources and opportunities for artists to thrive in the competitive music industry.

Don Jazzy’s financial commitment goes beyond signing an artist. It encompasses various aspects of artist development, including studio recordings, music production, marketing and promotion, music videos, branding, and talent management. By investing such a substantial amount, Don Jazzy ensures that his signed artists receive the necessary support to reach their full potential.

Mavin Records, under Don Jazzy’s leadership, has been responsible for nurturing and launching the careers of several successful artists in the Nigerian music industry. The record label is known for its emphasis on quality, innovation, and professionalism, making it a sought-after platform for aspiring musicians.


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