I love OdumoduBlvck, his style reminds me of the old school days — Don Jazzy

Experienced music producer, vocalist, and rapper Don Jazzy has expressed his admiration for the rapidly emerging rapper OdumoduBlvck, emphasizing the artist’s distinctive musical approach that seamlessly blends contemporary elements with nostalgic old-school vibes.
During a recent interview, the head honcho of Mavin Records candidly shared his fondness for the burgeoning star’s rap style, affirming that it evokes the essence of Nigeria’s vintage hip-hop era.

In an effort to underscore his belief in the remarkable lyrical prowess of the 29-year-old rapper, Don Jazzy even went as far as spontaneously singing a snippet from one of OdumoduBlvck’s yet-to-be-released tracks, eloquently conveying his genuine admiration for the song’s lyrics.

He said:-

“I love him [OdumoduBlvck], this is just beautiful. It reminds me of Nigerian hip hop music before our time.
It gives me that old school vibes, and then fusing the urban style into it makes it cool and dope.
It makes it more authentic as it is a native style.
I like him, I like him a lot”.
OdumoduBlvck has been impressive, dropping back-to-back hits since his rise to stardom with his debut single Picanto’ which was released in 2022.

His unique style of rhythm has earned him a nomination for the 2023 Headies Rookie of the year award.

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