I listen to more of beat than instrument” – Mavin Artiste, Boyspyce Reveals

During a recent event, Mavin artist Boyspyce surprised his fans when he revealed an interesting fact about his music preferences. In an interview with Cool FM, he confessed that he doesn’t listen to music as much as one might expect. Instead, he finds himself drawn to beats.

Boyspyce disclosed this intriguing aspect of his musical taste when asked to share something his fans might not know about him.


He stated,

“I listen to more beats than instruments.”


This confession shed light on his unique approach to music consumption, highlighting the significance he places on the rhythmic foundation of a song rather than its overall composition.

This revelation showcases Boyspyce’s deep appreciation for the intricate art of beat-making, which plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall sound and feel of a track.

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