“I am sorry but no one is ready” — Odumodublvck postpones Mixtape release

In a surprising turn of events, ODUMODUBLVCK has opted to withhold the release of his highly anticipated mixtape “

Proposed Mixtape art by Olaolu Slawn
The excitement and anticipation surrounding this major August project from the accomplished rapper were palpable. With the confirmation of the mixtape release just last month, fans worldwide were eagerly looking forward to its debut, only to be left disheartened by its absence.

What makes this twist even more unexpected is that throughout the week, including today, ODUMODUBLVCK and his close associates, such as Smada, PsychoYP and Reeplay, had been dropping hints about the imminent mixtape drop.

The level of anticipation reached its peak when ODUMODUBLVCK himself tweeted, “Are you ready for the truth?” (Eziokwu translates to “truth”) a few hours before the anticipated release time. Unfortunately, the mixtape took an unforeseen turn of events and did not see the light of day.

Despite the lack of a direct explanation for the mixtape’s postponement, ODUMODUBLVCK did share a tweet expressing his apologies and enigmatically stating, “I AM DEEPLY SORRY BUT NO ONE IS READY FOR THE TRUTH.

#EZIOKWUISCOMING.” While this tweet provides some insight, it still leaves us in the dark about the complete details of the situation.

Furthermore, recent information suggests that there’s a slim chance the mixtape will drop even this weekend, intensifying hopes and raising questions about how this situation will unfold. All eyes are now fixed on the evolving story, eagerly awaiting the resolution of this intriguing scenario.

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