How To Get Your Music Video On VEVO So That You Can Earn $$ On Every Views You Get


Are you interested in getting your music video on VEVO? Do you want to create an official VEVO artist channel, even if you’re currently unsigned?

How To Create Youtube Vevo Account? VEVO is renowned for providing premium music video content for some of the world’s biggest artists.

Now, through the partnership with NaijaTopvibes, you have the opportunity to set up your own VEVO channel and gain worldwide exposure on the leading music video platform.

Whether you’re an independent artist or a label distributing content via NaijaTopvibes, you can establish your own VEVO channel and receive royalties whenever your music video is viewed on the platform.

Setting up your VEVO artist channel is quick and straightforward. Read on to discover more or start uploading your music videos to VEVO right away.

How to get your music video on VEVO

1. Create Youtube Vevo Account

To upload your music videos or set up a new artist channel on VEVO, you must go through one of VEVO’s official partners.

By uploading videos through NaijaTopvibes, you retain 100% of your royalties, ensuring that every penny earned through the platform goes directly into your pocket.


2. Upload your music video

Once you’ve reached out to us, you can easily send your music video to us. Once we receive your video, we will promptly transfer it to VEVO.

To avoid any delays or issues during the upload process, it is crucial to ensure that your video adheres to VEVO’s guidelines.

3. Wait for your channel and video to appear

If you don’t already have an artist page set up, it may take up to 10 days for your music video to appear on VEVO after uploading it via the official VEVO partner.

However, if you already have an established profile on VEVO, your video will typically go live within 24 to 48 hours.

Why upload your music videos to VEVO?

Uploading your music video to VEVO through an official partner like NaijaTopVibes offers an excellent opportunity to reach new fans, showcase your tracks to a global audience, and generate additional income.

NaijaTopVibes has assisted thousands of independent and unsigned artists from around the world in getting their music videos on VEVO.

So, once you’ve created your video, let us help you become part of one of the world’s most popular music video platforms and enhance your artist profile.

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