Hilda Baci Sets to Sign Viral Hawker, Dr H20 Who Marketed Bottled Water with Good English

Hilda Bassey Essien aka Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef and Guinness World Record holder, has announced that she plans to sign the hawker who marketed bottled water with good grammar.

Dr H20, a young man, went popular after a video of him demonstrating unusual street marketing of ‘Aquafina’ leaked online.

He then had the opportunity to meet some celebs at an event in Lagos. Dr. H20 was also seen with Aquafina brand spokespeople Kate Henshaw, Munachi Abii, and Jemima Osunde in another video.

The charismatic young man went on to passionately speak about the importance of including meat into one’s diet.

The high point of the event was when chef Hilda Baci expressed her desire to sign him up after being impressed by his eloquent presentation.

Watch the video below:
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Meanwhile, Aquafina earlier invited the outstanding young hawker after seeing how he marketed its product with such adeptness to commuters on a bus.

The hawker from Anambra state revealed that he had to travel to Lagos as a reslt of the company’s invitation.

He arrived in the water firm’s official vehicle to a warm reception from celebrities and lovers of his marketing style who were excited to meet him.

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