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Davido Belongs To A Cult And Wanted To Force Me To It, I Refused” – Abu Salami Spills More

A few days ago, business mogul Abu Salami accused Davido of attempting to involve him in a secret society, an offer he declined.

Just to recap, Abu Salami recently called out Davido for an outstanding debt of N218 million related to a project benefiting children. According to Abu Salami, Davido has reneged on their agreement, refusing to reimburse the funds, and has faced pressure from both the boy band and his legal team.

On his Instagram page, he disclosed that he disbursed 218 million naira to the musician out of a total of 326 million naira deal.

He also recounted a specific day when he, along with an eleven-person production crew, traveled to twenty states in search of talented young football players for the project.

In a recent video update, Abu Salami revealed that Davido is allegedly affiliated with a clandestine group and attempted to recruit him, an offer he declined. Abu further claimed that Davido has been involved in fraudulent activities and maintains a facade to impress the public.

Moreover, attempts to negotiate with Davido about the debt have been unsuccessful due to his purported lack of funds.

Abu emphasized that mutual friends have tried to mediate between him and Davido, but to no avail, as Davido allegedly lacks the financial means to settle the debt.

Watch the video below:-

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