September 24, 2023


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Be Sincere!! Which Category Do You Belong To? Sex Before Marriage Or On The Wedding Night?

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Hi Guys,
First and foremost, I’ll like to start off by telling you that I’m a virgin. You know now. Most times I’m always afraid to say it to my friends or whenever I’m always asked. It seems sex is the new cool and to be a virgin especially as a guy seems odd.
At the age and time, everyone expect you to have inserted your “plug” into someone’s socket. But my parents and pastor tell me Pre-marital sex is bad and I should keep it till the wedding night.
But I’m worried if I won’t have problems on the wedding night since I don’t have any experience. Yeah, I have watched a few porn videos, but to be sincere, I can’t locate the Vagina and how will I insert it.
So guys and girls here, I want to seek your opinion on this issue 😢.
I don’t know if anyone is with me on this or thinks otherwise.
But guys be sincere 👇🏾

Which Category Do You Belong To?

Is It Sex Before Marriage Or On The Wedding Night?

Let’s hear from you all on this
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