Asake Ft. Olamide – ‘Amapiano’ Who Murdered The Song?

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Asake, is making waves in the music industry with his highly anticipated sophomore album,‘Work of Art.’

With a release date set for June 15, the talented artist recently dropped a new single titled ‘Amapiano,’ featuring a guest verse from renowned rapper, Olamide. This collaboration has sparked excitement among music lovers, prompting discussions about who contributed the most to the success of the song.

Amapiano: The Song That Sets The Stage:

Amapiano‘ serves as a sneak peek into Asake’s forth coming album, showcasing his versatility and ability to blend different genres seamlessly. The song combines elements of Amapiano, a popular South African genre characterized by its catchy beats and unique fusion of house music, jazz, and soulful melodies. Asake’s infectious vocals and Olamide’s signature rap style add an extra layer of energy and intensity to the track.

Lyrics: A Fusion Of Vibes And Skill:

The official lyrics of ‘Amapiano‘ by Asake, featuring Olamide, highlight the artists’ lyrical prowess and their ability to captivate listeners with their storytelling abilities. Asake’s melodic delivery, coupled with Olamide’sdynamic verse, creates a harmonious balance, elevating the song to new heights.

The Verdict: Who Killed The Song Most?

As the release of ‘Amapiano‘ has ignited conversations among music enthusiasts, the question arises: who contributed the most to the success of the song?While opinions may differ, it is evident that both Asakeand Olamide brought their unique strengths to the table, making ‘Amapiano‘ a memorable collaboration. Asake’smelodious vocals and catchy hooks perfectly complement Olamide’s fiery rap skills, resulting in a powerful synergy that leaves listeners craving more.



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